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  1.       Settings in these bylaws, shall be for a term that the interpretation section provided on the following when there is no other implied intent of the thing or the things
  2. : " spadeR <Span –> The website address
  3.       "The website "Ailey Internet access solutions Holdings Ltd.
  4. <
  5. "/spaN>""Suppliers  – Manufacturers and/or retailers, which products are offered for sale through the site
  6. . <
  7. Span>"The sale "page <Span> – Details of the sale of products offered for sale through the site
  8. .
  9.       "The reservation system "or" sales "scene An online system, and which allowed users (as defined below) for the purchase of products and/or services that will be made available for sale, from time to time, by using the site, on a case-by-case
  10. .
  11. "" any action taken to buying Product (s) and/or service (s) offered for sale through the site using the reservation system, including the proposed purchase and/or subscribe to
  12. Kenya.
  13. "order form" Order form found on the website, any user who enters as Johnny IBy booking using the reservation system, reservation information, as defined below. An order form will be considered as containing the details specified on the sale even if not listed on the order form
  14. .
  15. user "" and/or Order a " – Any person surfing and/or viewing the website and/or ordering products and/or services via the site and/or otherwise use the site and/or the information therein
  16. .
  17. "uses" <Span> – Surfing and/or viewing this website and/or ordering products and/or other on-line services through the website and/or using the reservation and/or purchase products and/or services through the site and/or otherwise use the site and/or the information therein
  18. .
  19. rules:
  20.        The operation of the site is subject to the conditions set forth in these bylaws. Submitting the proposed purchase and/or registration for Kenya at the site considered assent to the terms contained in these terms and
  21. .
  22. the provisions of these terms and conditions refers equally to both sexes and membersThe use of the masculine is a convenience only
  23. .
  24.        Nothing stated in these bylaws to derogate from the provisions of the consumer protection law, 5741 — 1981 (hereinafter: "the consumer protection act") and regulations which are established, as they apply to the website (hereinafter "the regulations"), except in cases where it is possible to stipulate the provisions as stated in condition and was placed under these terms and/or your use of the site whether explicitly IfI.e. .
  25.       The site operator reserves the right to update the terms and conditions from time to time orders
  26. . <
  27. /spAn>Not on the site or through any use of illegal and unlawful purposes
  28. . <
  29. Span>The registration site is for his personal use and the user's sole, which is not entitled to transfer the right to any other person. The obligation of the user on the website
    completely to all the personal information required for registration and to contact CACaress of the user with the
  30. .
  31.        Do not post or transmit through the site any information that is false, offensive, defamatory, threatening, pornographic, privacy, sexual nature, racist or illegal
  32. .
  33. the user is solely responsible for the correctness of the information oA. advertiser or transferring through the website. The site operator does not accept any responsibility for the content of published and/or transferred between users of the website
  34. .
  35. do not use the website in a way of a bullBlinded or otherwise /s
  36.         All about virtual or else of use who the other users on the site, whether in correspondence or chat or in meetings, both in absolute and sole responsibility of the user
    it is hereby clarified that in no event will operate any site regardless of consequences should in particular GDPhysical and/or mental radar and/or emotional and/or financial and/or any other damage arising from contactAs above .
  37.        The site operator stating that no site operator capability to guarantee continuous availability without a hitch and without a glitch when using site
    site operator may discontinue use of the site periodically to corchJ. maintenance and organization. Not be given any monetary compensation and/or credit and/or any other compensation due to faults or service interruptions when using the site
  38. .
  39. all intellectual property rights that createsIn the website and/or in connection with which both the site
  40. .
  41.     The site is not responsible for the content of ads and/or banners "and/or any other promotional material that appears on the site, the guarantee only applies to the advertising
  42. .
  43. the user undertakes to compensate and/or indemnify runsA: the site for any expense and/or damage incurred due to her violation of the provisions of these bylaws
  44. .
  45. MuThe mountain that the products and/or services offered for sale at the auction site, offered by different suppliers and by the site itself
    subject to the provisions of any law, the responsibility for the sale of products and/or services supply,In the fiscal year, giving you warranty, servicing, etc., suppliers exclusively and absolute
  46. .
  47. site operator f.And has to ensure the supply of products and/or services by suppliers. In case of total failure of consideration when products and/or services are provided consumer worry, which operates to ensure consumers money on me.Tulle and restoring money within 14 days, subject to the provisions of any law and bylaws
  48. . <
  49. /spAn>When registering the user must select whether to receive promotional material. As the user agrees that the advertising material will be delivered to him by e-mail and/or text message text message
    user may announce supply will receive promotional materials at any time
  50.       Terms of use
    May use any site participant who fulfill the following conditions in aggregate: <>/Li
  51.        A resident of Israel who are 18 years of age and in possession of an active bank account, passport and/or identity card. Registration for the site is a statement by the user, because the user's age over 18 years
  52. .
  53. he an e-mail address on the Internet and a valid credit card which again.For clearing by the credit companies operating in Israel, and attacked day
  54. action.
  55. all required fields Listed on the booking form, the faithful filled in by the user, including its full name, the user name, the address, e-mail address, place of residence, social security number and telephone number
  56. .
  57. ordering products and/or services
  58. <
    Li>       To purchase a product or service (hereinafter: the product and/or service, including products and/or services) Please note the name of the user or ת"ז number and personal password which will accompany you on all purchases and/or use of the site
    then prompted the user to provide information for The transaction such as: address, email, phone number and credit card information. The site and/or anyone acting on its behalf is not responsible for the mistake is made by the user to type user information
    site operator shall not be liable directly or indirectly any responsibility in case that user information is not included in the system, And/or any technical problems and/or otherwise prevents users to use services, through the site .
  59. submission False personal details absolutely forbidden and constitutes a criminal offence in accordance with the provisions of the penal law, 1977 – and/or any law
  60. .
  61. the site operator reserves the wonTo be taken against false information professionals legal action, including tort for damages that may be caused to the site, and/or its owners and/or those commissioned and/or their
  62. .
  63. as and apply distortion and/or unusual and obvious mistake on her face in the product description and/or aAnd service, price or any other detail, the site operator and/or the suppliers may cancel the purchase and the user will not be charged any fee for his undone
  64. .
  65. If booking give incorrect credentials, not beAll the suppliers to ensure that the products reach the user. In the event that the products are returned to vendors, due to erroneous information, the user fee will be charged for shipping and handling
  66. .
  67. site dealsSecure SSL technology The advanced technology in the field of information security. By using this technology your information concerning your personal and credit card details, is encrypted and secured
  68. .
  69. products are on sale at the sales of fixed-price sales. It should be noted that processed, unless determined otherwise, and subject to the provisions of any law, the products offered on the site are offered by suppliers and full responsibility,
  70. < sales method/stronG>

Fixed-price sales

  1.        On the side of each product and/or service appears short and concise description of the product given the sole responsibility of the supplier and the price of the product as proposed by
  2. provider.
  3. the price of a product or service is the price as offered on By the vendor. These prices do not necessarily reflect the lowest price in the market, and the responsibility of the customer to check and compare prices
  4. .
  5. depending on conditions of sale listed in relation to any MoThe price may narrow product or service sector the amount of payments and in accordance with the following conditions of sale
  6. .
  7. condition WiSarah as the "deal of the sale" specifications specifications the percentage discount can be compared to the market price when the specific publication and subject to the terms of sale are identical in terms of the number of payments, and service delivery
  8. .
  9. to purchase a product for sale at a fixed price, you have to register, you must provideThe following details: full name, social security number, e-mail address, address, and phone and credit card information. Without the details, unable to participate in
  10. sale.
  11. to record, register to purchase at a fixed price is the buying ofProduct and/or service
  12.        For the avoidance of doubt, it is hereby clarified that a prerequisite to a valid user's purchase sale is credit card company they both deal. To locate the right to cancel the sale by that date
  13. .

  1. Booking
  2.        After the user has received, received confirmation that his personal card. This certificate serves as a reference to complete the booking system on the site (hereinafter "order confirmation") .
    is clarified that the information that appears on the booking confirmation is concise and the booking will be subject to horaS bylaws, the site guidelines and conditions accepted at the site about making a reservation and cancelled
    confirmation is sent to the user by mailKterveni, as given by the user .
  3.       Only after the test credit card information, which was provided at the time of execution of the order form, confirmation, credit card company for the purchase, considered him a execution
    after credit card company will provide in the supply of products which User gained </Span>
  4.        If the credit card company refuse to issue a certificate concerning any reservation, the site operator reserves the right to decline the invitation and to have the user cancellation fees as defined below
    site operator may, but is not obligated, to give the cardholder the notification of refusal Credit card to confirm the reservation, and is arranged to provide the certificate in relating to an order by the credit card company, to reject the invitation by
  5. .
  6. just for the sake of confirmation regarding a transaction that was received in the mail. The customer's e-mail, containing the relevant order details and/or order confirmation appears on the customer's card on which the client can log in with a user name and password, you will receive confirmation of the order. The registry which is registered on the site shall be prima facie evidence for the correctness of the order
  7. .
  8. privacy protection
  9. the site operator may retain the information that will be delivered on By the user and information collected about him and may be used subject to the provisions of any law
  10. .
  11. site operator asks Note that it uses accepted measures of site security, but nevertheless unable to block and/or avoid certain shape and unauthorized penetration into the stores user information and waiving any claim and/or claim against the operator of this site provided that operate the site has taken reasonable measures to prevent inadvertent intrusion Authorized stated
  12. .
  13. the site operator may use user information fromNAT to make delivery of the products and to update the user regarding site operations and/or additional services concerning the offered by the operator or by third parties. The site operator may use the information for marketing purposes and/or as part of the statistics collected by the site operator needs and/or as part of the data transferred to third parties and subject to the fact that this information doesn't identify the user
  14. .
  15. the user declares and acknowledges that it is known that the content of the information sent to him, and will include "commercial" as defined in the communication law (Bezeq and transmissions), 5742 – – 1982 and he agrees to send him via email and/or text message
    as Therefore, the user acknowledges that at any time could he break away from this information by sending a notice by fax to 03-9508447 number or e-mail
  16.       The website's operator shall be entitled, but not obligated, to send to the user at the end of each sale, depending on the sole discretion of the site operator feedback where the user is prompted for the opinion on the sale procedure, both for the product and/or service and the provider and and accordingly ( : "feedback"). The site operator may advertise on the site, or by any means and/or other media feedback data and/or some of the feedback data and the site operator may do onUse and feedback for any purpose, including publication, and shall not be any claim and/or demand against publication
  17. ... should
  18. >/str products supply
  19.        Supply of products Ltd.The suppliers will be made based on conditions that occur on the sale of the product, subject to the payment as above
  20. .
  21. their delivery times HESPckim undertake great next to any product at sales (hereinafter: "the provisions"). Delivery times shall be calculated according to business days, i.e., Sunday-Thursday, except Fridays, holiday Eves and holidays, Saturday & holidays
    However, suppliers will do their best to beat time. it is hereby clarified that the site makes every effort against the supplier supplies on time. A.Bible no site operator's ability to commit and it assumes no liability for late or delayed in delivery times from suppliers . in such cases possible is cancelled without cancellation fees .
  22.        Fill in the booking details you must choose the product supply through or by way of collecting (the existing option to a number of suppliers on the website). In the event that the user chooses to collect myself, the user will not be charged shipping
    after submitting the proposal cannot choose how supplies a user who chooses to pick up the product from warehouses provide coordinate with supplier, using several dewVon appears in the sales page of the product, the product collection
  23. . <
  24. /sPan>The products will be delivered to the user via courier and/or mail address Israel stated during the registration process at the sales offer, unless otherwise specified. Supply of products and sends them to occur in accordance with the provisions of these bylaws
    in case of ordering the products business address (company) must specify the name shovel operatorDr. near there. When you apply the product supply disruption possible cancelation without cancellation fees
  25. .
  26. product supplyS using proxies is in accordance with the provisions of the shipping company on behalf of suppliers, depending on the price of shipping in the site according to the list of towns where suppliers are mission
    delivery to remote/exceptions/communities over the green line, may be subject to a fee Added . YuEmphasis, using Courier delivery to the House, except in communities, kibbutzim and villages etc, which may be provided to the nearest post office or to the Office and you receive a message that the home
    If the shipping company's ability on behalf of suppliers To make the delivery to the home, including the restricted areas to serveThe security and/or in adverse weather conditions and/or the situation likely to endanger, the signatories to the interest the customer by the supplier and found alternative solution acceptable to both sides,
    in such cases possible is cancelled without cancellation fees
  27. . <
  28. /Span>In the case of transportation, according to's sole discretion and/or providers on their behalf (such as transportation that cannot be performed by stairs or elevator, transportation takes special equipment to perform or to high places), apply to all shipping costs, in full, the user performs the actual order. The provisions of this section shall be subject to detailed on the sale
  29. .
  30. product when required, the presence of the credit card holder upon delivery of product, and card mStay and autograph on a coupon and/or packing slip as a condition to submitting the product
  31. . <
  32. /spAn>Dear buyer, in accordance with the provisions of the law, you are entitled to provide, without charge, the product that you purchased, and electronic waste is similar to product purchased the waste delivered to carrier that will provide you with the product you purchased. Not harmful waste delivery will
  33. .
  34. prices and payments
  35. maytav user billingMake a credit card user, which were stated in the rate and payments are indicated in the proposal wins the sale at a fixed price, plus the cost of shipping and handling fees, and any listed next to each product and/or the sales page of the product
  36. .
  37. suppliers may change the shipping and handling charges from time to time the price is valid with respect to the proposal by the user is famous for the scene.Sales during bid process is completed .
  38.     Canceling the purchase and returning
  39. products
  40.        The user is entitled to cancel the order or to change it in the following ways only

:                                                               i.      באמצעות שליחת הודעה בThe notification system


site spAn>                                                             ii.      באמצעות מוקד שרות לקוחות The phone number

<072-2829289 spaN>                                                            iii.      באמצעות פקסימיליה שמספSarah 03-9508447

                                                           iv.      באמצעות תקשורת אלקטרוניA: that address </Span>
(Hereinafter, "notice")

  1.       Cancellation/modification date determines the date will receive a fax/mail in the Office or when you call. If receipt of the notice is a day of rest in Israel shall be the day of cancellation is the first working day that follows
  2. .
  3. cancellation by user shall be subject to the consumer protection law, 5741 — 1981 and regulations from the power again.Match the following conditions
  4. <
    : lI>      The user may cancel an order within 14 (fourteen) days from receipt of the goods or of the packing slip and invoice, according to the latest of them. In the case of a service, the user may cancel it within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of the service order or contract delivery day letter , according to the latest provided that doing so will make at least two days, which are days, prior to the date on which the service provided .
  5.       to return the product in the original packing as much as possible or probable. After providing notice would be to return the product to the vendor's warehouses or ,
    ask the vendor to send a Messenger to his house to collect rAnd return it to the vendor. Mission collecting do according to the supplier and another sponsored by
  6. .
  7. all The case of a cancellation as stated in the website operator may, but does not have to charge you a cancellation fee of 5% of the order value or $100, whichever is less than the between (above and below : "cancellation fee")
  8. in the event that the user received products wouldn't shut up.Years when they are received, the user will not be charged for shipping, packaging, postage or handling fee. Was received damaged product user and install , every effort will be made to offer to replace the defective product in the product standardYen. If the user accepts the offer, sent him a new product after replacing the defective product. If the user decides to refuse the offer, money sitting
  9. .
  10. user may not return or Exchange The products are provided for recording, transcription or replication of the original unopened packaging and/or products lose and/or guest services, entertainment, travel or whether to cancel the transaction occurs within 7 days as are days of rest ,
    prior to the date on which the given service and/or products produced especially For consumers following the deal and all but if hatbRare faulty in which case they could cancel the deal and charged cancellation fees

    in case of faulty product the user To provide a cancellation as above + tax invoice received and a letter describing the problem product
  11. ...
  12. after the provider eGet the user's request, the provider as stated above, the user can obtain the product again, and satMeters would be in stock. If the product is not in stock sitting the user fully money
    the right to bring aAnd to replace a product and/or service is subject to additional restrictions as stated in articles 14 c and 14 the consumer protection law and/or regulations
  13. .
  14. responsibility
  15.        The site and/or anyone acting on its behalf, do not carry any responsibility for the quality of their products, manufacturers, trade names and/or any representation made in the sales arena with regard to the information
    the full and sole responsibility regarding products and/or services and/or to supply and/or quality And/or For quality and/or durability and/or contents, including instructions in the Hebrew language, the suppliers and the conditions listed on the warranty certificate attached .
    suppliers took over all duties imposed on "deals" in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, Act-1981 and issued its judgment, subject to any other teacher. In the sales products are presented in good faith and responsibly, suppliers
    and view the site recommendation and/or opinion from productionsF the site about the nature of the products, their properties, their names and manufacturers
  16. . di
  17. P.o. box/video products are intended for illustration purposes only. There may be differences in color hues between the product photographs published at the sales and the exact colors of the products as shall be provided. There may be differences between the images displayed on the site, some or all the products sold in
  18. hour.
  19. in no case apply to the operator huh?Crown and/or anyone acting on its behalf any liability for direct, indirect, damages, penalties, special or consequential, and/or for any other damage of any kind and sex, including, and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, damages for loss of use, loss of data or lost profits , arising Or in any way related or sales stage performance, for delay in using or could use the sales arena, supply or supply of Products or services, or any information, software, product, graphic and accompanying service obtained by the sales arena, and/or arising in any manner from the use of the sales arena, whether based on treaty or damages, liability, and/or any other basis, even if the website and/or anyone acting on their behalf on the possibility of hurt Sex stated
  20. .
  21. the provider be liable for any damage of the product which it was by
  22. client. service
  23. at the sales can be used as it "AS IS" . The user will not have any claim and/or demand against the site operator and/or anyone acting on its behalf for the characteristics, capabilities, limitations or suitability to his needs and requirements
  24. .
  25. the user declares that he knows that operate the site takes all the MiddleThe sea in order to save as much as possible about the confidentiality and security of the information contained on the site, however, because of the nature of the Internet network and computer malfunctions can be glitches which are controlled by the site operator and/or resulting from force majeure, and the site operator and/or its owners and/or directors and/or employees and/or anyone acting on its behalf and/or Who will be responsible for any damage from SueC indirect or direct, , </Span> Incurred for the user and/or his brakes due to any use of the site and/or whether such information is lost and/or if unauthorized use
  26. .
  27. the user agrees to living expensesA: and/or indemnify the operator for any expense and/or damage incurred due to her violation of the provisions of these bylaws
  28. .
  29. >
  30.        The law on suggestions and these bylaws, is the Israeli law only. Unique to each jurisdiction and dispute, the competent court in Rishon Lezion
  31. .
  32. questions and inquiries/ <Li>

For inquiries and questions, you can contact customer service 's XTIMOBy
Written appeal website Click here  And your application will be processed in hours: Sunday-Thursday from 09:00 – 16:00
address toSending mail: </Span>Xtimo Kenya exciting experience, p.o. box 1421,



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